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Ungala 2022

Indus Arts Council invites you to our 10th ANNIVERSARY celebration. IAC has brought diverse communities together over the years through themed Urdu language classes, summer camps, children’s theater, independent films, and immersive events that celebrate the Urdu heritage through art and its culture.

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Truck Art Summer camp graphic

Art Camp 2022

Truck Art & Me June 6th – June 17th, 2022 Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM LOCATION Harmony Science Academy Sugar Land 13415 W Bellfort St., Sugar Land,

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Why Learn Urdu Language?

[quote text_size=”big”] Urdu is spoken by more than 100 million people around the world. Of the 145 languages spoken in Houston,“Urdu” is among Top 10. [/quote] [hr] Urdu originates from

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Our Impact

Enriching communities along the river of culture, Indus Arts Council board members represent Pakistani community and its heritage at the city level by being a member of City of Houston’s

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IAC Children’s Theater presents an environmentally conscientious Aladeen. IAC produced Aladeen with an environmental spin on the original story. In this production, Aladeen dwells in a polluted city somewhere in

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image of a heart shaped out of ethnic red fabric and text around it

Way To The Heart

I’ve developed great respect for people who have the ability to touch my soul, despite it being the first time talking each other.

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2 men with a movie camera shooting a scene

Roxanne – Making Of An INDI Film

It took 2 friends, several enthusiastic UofH students, volunteers, Houston actors, and avid supporters of the Pakistani arts and culture to make the independent film, Roxanne, in 2 years. This second production

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Soach – A Short Film

The short film, Soach, provokes the hypocrisy of South Asian Muslim parents who seem perturbed at their daughter’s choice of marriage to a Hindu man, when they’ve never raised their

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Want to know how Urdu language facilitates respectful and harmonious interactions with others?