Roxanne – Making Of An INDI Film

It took 2 friends, several enthusiastic UofH students, volunteers, Houston actors, and avid supporters of the Pakistani arts and culture to make the independent film, Roxanne, in 2 years.

This second production by IAC highlights an interracial, inter-political love story, as well as social and political topics of our times that resonate with many around us. The film has provided a platform to the underrepresented talent from 7 different ethnicities across Houston. These actors of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds have left feeling more enlightened about the challenges faced by Pakistani students and families who venture out into the western world. The film has attracted a diverse audience for viewing, ranging from Pakistani community leaders to women’s and interfaith groups, as well as Amy Bishop of NPR Houston.

photo of a scene being shot for film Roxanne


…the last 15 minutes were very strong! I had my reservations coming here, its so far away, but all reservations were dissolved. I regret missing the first half of the movie…the best thing about this movie is, you say go local, this movie is all local, actors, director, producer, everything is local… watch full review

…I’m a political science professor at the University of Houston and I’m honored to play the role of a professor in the Indus Arts Council’s film known as Roxanne. It’s a very interesting film a very important film given the current situation and climate in the United States…watch full review


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