IAC Children’s Theater presents an environmentally conscientious Aladeen. IAC produced Aladeen with an environmental spin on the original story. In this production, Aladeen dwells in a polluted city somewhere in Pakistan. Shahzadi Yasmeen, the princess of that region leaves her beautiful palace to inspect the pollution scene in the city and finds it unbearable. Meanwhile, […]

Roxanne – Making Of An INDI Film

2 men with a movie camera shooting a scene

It took 2 friends, several enthusiastic UofH students, volunteers, Houston actors, and avid supporters of the Pakistani arts and culture to make the independent film, Roxanne, in 2 years. This second production by IAC highlights an interracial, inter-political love story, as well as social and political topics of our times that resonate with many around us. The […]

Soach – A Short Film

The short film, Soach, provokes the hypocrisy of South Asian Muslim parents who seem perturbed at their daughter’s choice of marriage to a Hindu man, when they’ve never raised their child as a practicing Muslim. Writer Masood Ahmed’s take on one of the main issues facing the lives of Pakistani Muslim diaspora in the U.S. […]