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IAC Children’s Theater presents an environmentally conscientious Aladeen.
IAC produced Aladeen with an environmental spin on the original story. In this production, Aladeen dwells in a polluted city somewhere in Pakistan. Shahzadi Yasmeen, the princess of that region leaves her beautiful palace to inspect the pollution scene in the city and finds it unbearable. Meanwhile, Aladeen, after finding the magic lamp and escaping from the dusty old bookstore with the help of the ring genie, stumbles upon Shahzadi Yasmeen on the polluted city street. That’s where they summon the genie of the lamp whom Shahzadi Yasmeen accidentally releases in trying to polish the rusty lamp hanging from Aladeen’s kamarband. The message is revealed in the punch line when the mighty genie of the lamp is asked to eradicate pollution from the earth and she simply shakes her head in dismay. She’s not able to reverse the damage caused by human beings because it is upon their shoulders to keep their earth free of pollutants.

The two jinns from the story of Aladeen played by students at the Urdu Language Summer Camp
2 children characters from aladdin play in Urdu language
Sultan’s guards played by heritage language learners at IAC Urdu Language Summer Camp

“This play looked as good as a play at Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore (Pakistan), with the set and costumes! I’m impressed!”