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What is Truck Art you may ask?
Truck Art is a folk art genre from Pakistan, where trucks are decorated with various patterns and calligraphy.  Truck art is a moving gallery that represents the dreams, inspiration, hobbies, and the imagination of painter and the truck driver.

The Project:
The mobile clinic, painted in Pakistani Truck Art style and motifs, began as a partner project with Dr. Amjad Ahmed, who believes healthcare is for all communities. He wanted to send the message of inclusive healthcare as a visual story painted on his R.V. and partnered with Indus Arts Council to paint the mobile clinic in the Truck Art style from Pakistan. The Pakistani Truck Art design, combined with icons representing healthcare messages, helps heal patients’ bodies, minds, and spirits.
The RV is 35 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 13 feet high.  This was a monumental task to be completed within months to be presented at the Houston art car parade 2023.  The work began in Nov 2022 and lasted until Feb 2023.  Special truck art metalwork and ethnic design patches were ordered from Karachi, Pakistan.  IAC received major support from Mr. Imtaiz Ahmed and Auto Hive workshop in Pearland, Texas.
The original artwork (inspired by the public transport in the streets of Karachi, Pakistan) was led by artist Zahra Ali, IAC Art program director, and Talat Awais, Language Program Director, with the help of numerous dedicated volunteers from Houston Community College.   During Jan of 2023, IAC partnered with Houston Community College to allow students and faculty to also participate in this activity in the spirit of building bridges between communities.
We presented this work of art for the first time at the world-famous Houston’s Art Car Parade 2023 on April 15th.
Listen to Zahra Ali talk about this project in her interview with Pakistani American Creatives program by Indus Arts Council.