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Photo of Shahzad Fateh Ali sitting against a blue sky

Shahzad Fateh Ali

Web Architect

Shahzad Fateh Ali hails from Karachi, Pakistan. He has a Bachelor’s of Science from Virtual University, Pakistan, and works as Web Solutions Architect for a private company in Karachi. Shahzad has achieved many accolades in his personal and professional life in just a short period. Shahzad is happily married and has a son. 

As the Web Architect for IAC, Shahzad keeps the back office organized and digital services running smoothly for IAC students and staff. He is the key architect in planning and developing the Pervaaz product for Urdu language learning.  

Shahzad likes literature and technology. He believes that a person is not complete unless they know and understand their culture and environment and contribute to improving themselves and their community.