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Enriching communities along the river of culture, Indus Arts Council board members represent Pakistani community and its heritage at the city level by being a member of City of Houston’s Department of New Americans. IAC provides Urdu translation for all communication collateral sent out to various communities from the Mayor’s office.

Every year IAC significantly contributes financially to the Houston community by providing jobs to underserved individuals such as part time and retired teachers, young homemakers, and students who’re seeking to make an extra buck during the summer holidays. Part time and Montessori teachers at other schools are delighted at the opportunity to teach their heritage language to children and adults while being monetarily compensated for their efforts. Retired teachers feel a sense of esteem and influence bringing an immense experience of classroom management to Urdu language classes.

IAC’s Urdu Summer Camp funded by the StarTalk federal grant for the promotion of languages in United States, hires teachers and teacher assistants, administrators, staff, and a K-12 specialist for the smooth running of its camp for 50 students ranging from age 8 – 16 years.

Youth learners from Urdu classes and previous attendants of Urdu Language summer camp also get an opportunity to use their newly acquired language as volunteers to assist in various classroom activities and field trips. Students exercise the language by performing in a Children’s Urdu Theatre at the end of Summer Camp, which brings the learning full circle.

Professional actors are paid a minimum stipend per day for their dedication to IAC film and theatre projects.