Naksh means a mark you make on a surface or an impression you may leave upon someone. Art always leaves its impression. Students are exposed to various artists and styles from all around Pakistan—historical, contemporary and street art. They’re taught to draw and paint to understand and critique the language of colors, shapes, and forms, and connect with these visual stories from another world. Our goal is to bridge the art of one culture to another and leave a lasting impression upon the future generations on this globe.

Technical skills mastered include: mixing and applying colors, using different paint brush sizes correctly, handling canvas with easels, taping canvas with correct technique, stenciling, using art vocabulary, and displaying art.

No prior knowledge of art or Pakistan’s Art History is required.

Supplies Are Included

The fee for art class includes snacks and following supplies:

Art Class Curriculum

You will learn the following in our Art Class this summer

Fundamentals of Art:

Explore basics of color theory and geometry.Bridging Communities Through Art:

Learn about Ajrak – Indus Valley geometric art form. Create 8×10 painting on canvas using acrylics and stencil techniques.

Introduction to Truck Art:

Learn about self expression in art. Apply learning in a painting using truck art technique.

Art history and reproduction of a masterpiece:

Learn about world renowned Pakistani artist Sadequain. Reproduce a masterpiece with acrylic on 8×10 canvas

The Naksh Art Show:

Pick a topic or technique to create your own masterpiece!*

*Students’ final artwork will be displayed at the Turkish Center from July 1st – 3rd, 2021 for hundreds of visitors.

Fees: $350/student

10% sibling discount on total

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the art class schedule for 2021?
Art class is taught for 2 hours each day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Who can sign up for art classes?
Kindergarten to 12th grade students are eligible for this summer 2021.

Are there any Fees for this class?
Yes. Fee is $350 per student and payable in full upon enrollment. Fee covers instruction and material for 9 classes of 2 hours each.

Are art supplies included?
Yes. We provide all the required materials.

Who’s the teacher for this art class?
The art teacher is a well known Houston Artist and muralist, Zahra Ali. She’s a Pakistani American from Karachi and a Resident Artist at the Bisong Art Gallery located in the Historic Warehouse District of Houston. She holds a BFA in Painting from Texas State University and is an energetic, consummate creator of art. Read more about about Zahra Ali.