Urdu Baithak

Urdu Baithak, a student organization at University of Houston, promoting the language and culture of Pakistan, also gets significant support from IAC. Baithak hosts events to attract a diverse youth at the college campus by engaging them in topics of debate ranging from “demise of cultures” to “Islamophobia.” Such gatherings encourage an open dialogue and eventually an understanding of cultures around us. Young members of Baithak are obliged to IAC and its support, which has encouraged and empowered foreign students of Pakistani and Indian heritage to confidently speak about their challenges and share their heritage with their fellow students

Our Outreach Efforts

IAC board members represent Pakistani community and its heritage at the city level by being a member of City of Houston’s Department of New Americans. IAC provides Urdu translation for all communication collateral sent out to various communities from the Mayor’s office.

Every year IAC significantly contributes financially to the Houston community by providing jobs to underserved individuals such as part-time and retired teachers, young homemakers, and students who’re seeking work during summer. Part-time and Montessori teachers at other schools are delighted at the opportunity to teach their heritage language to children and adults while being monetarily compensated for their efforts. Retired teachers feel a sense of esteem and influence bringing an immense experience of classroom management to Urdu language classes.

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